The usefulness and effectiveness of white vinegar for housework is well established. In addition to being of great service at home, white vinegar is a completely natural product. So no more chemicals, toxic and expensive at home.

White vinegar is used for almost everything, and is the most economical of cleaning products. It’s one of the must-haves at home. Here are the main practical uses of white vinegar for the home:


The acidity of white vinegar makes it a powerful descaler and the ideal maintenance product against limescale. This ecological product represents the simplest and cheapest solution for descaling taps, shower heads, tile joints. Simply spray the elements to be descaled with white vinegar and leave to act for around twenty minutes.
White vinegar is also used to easily remove traces of lime from kettles and coffee makers.
White vinegar is also useful for descaling the washing machine, dishwasher and iron.
For faster efficiency, it is advisable to heat the vinegar before use, ideal for descaling toilets for example. Finally lukewarm, it will be all the more effective on the taps, the walls of glass showers etc ... (Remember to rinse well after application on chrome surfaces)


Bleach can be easily replaced by white vinegar, which has an antimicrobial action. White vinegar disinfects toilets, the bathroom, and even in the kitchen.


White vinegar has a strong degreasing power. Added in small amounts to the rinsing water of the dishes, it removes all traces of grease and will make it shine.
For cleaning windows and tiles: mixed with a little water and soaked on a cloth, white vinegar thoroughly cleans and makes the windows shine.


White vinegar is the perfect and most ecological deodorant for the home.
It has the power to remove persistent odors on textiles such as perspiration, urine, etc.
White vinegar is very effective in eliminating bad odors. (Refrigerator, trash cans, animal cages and litter boxes ...)
Tip: Prepare a solution of vinegar with lemon, orange or mandarin peelings to flavor the vinegar. (Leave a few hours before use)

Stain Remover and Fabric Softener

White vinegar can also be used for laundry care. It overcomes in particular stains reputedly difficult to remove such as those of wine, coffee, rust or grass. After a test on a part of the garment to be detached, to be sure that the white vinegar does not present risks, it is enough to rub the stain with a cloth soaked in white vinegar before passing the garment in machine.
Finally, there is no longer any need to use an often expensive softener to obtain a cloth that is pleasant to the touch when leaving the washing machine because white vinegar naturally softens textiles. Add a little bit in the softener compartment of your machine.

Cleans pipes

White vinegar, used regularly, has the power to naturally maintain the plumbing of sinks and sinks and, in addition, it prevents the rise of unpleasant odors.
Tip: Heat the vinegar before use for even more efficiency.

Weedkiller in the garden

White vinegar is also very useful in the garden. It allows in particular to overcome all the bad shoots in the garden. At the end of the day, simply spray on the weeds to be eliminated.