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Solid shampoo for all hair types in pebble shape, ecological and economical.

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This shampoo, thanks to its pebble shape, allows easy handling and can be applied directly to wet hair to create a delicate foam. The packaging used is compostable and AB-labeled transparent paper. PROPERTIES This shampoo is a real treatment for hair but also for children due to its composition. You will be surprised to see that it will strengthen and coat the hair. Your hair will be shiny, repaired, voluminous and will detangle with ease. COMPOSITION It is composed of 100% ingredients of natural origin including 22.5% ingredients from organic farming. Each ingredient that makes it up is chosen to strengthen your hair: - Organic shea butter: protects and coats the hair - Organic pracaxi oil: coats, softens, detangles the hair. - Rice protein: strength and volume. - Cosmetic fragrance of Orange Blossoms: your hair will be delicately scented. Kids will love it and adults too!! - Sodium Coco-sulfate: It is a foaming and cleansing surfactant of plant origin. It represents less than 10% in the formulation, it is the secondary surfactant. It is a sulfated derivative of coconut oil fatty acids. Sodium coco sulfate is a natural alternative to sodium lauryl sulfate and remains less irritating than the latter. It is also the only one of all the solid surfactants tested which makes it possible to formulate an effective solid shampoo in a satisfactory manner. In particular, it tolerates a high proportion of butters or oils in formulas, which considerably softens formulas containing it. - SCI (Sodium cocoyl isethionate): It is a very gentle foaming surfactant, it is the primary surfactant in our formula. It is of plant origin (coconut oil) and synthetic, it is an esterified derivative of the fatty acids of coconut oil. Combined with Sodium cocosulfate, it softens the formulation. - Lactic Acid: 100% of plant origin, it comes from the fermentation of sugar. Hair shine active ingredient, pH adjuster. USE It is a real shampoo and not a soap! Apply the roller directly to wet hair to lather, massage then rinse. It is very easy to rinse, less water and faster! INGREDIENTS INC SODIUM COCOYL ISETHIONATE, SODIUM COCOSULFATE, AQUA, GLYCERIN, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER*, PENTACLETHRA MACROLOBA SEED OIL, PARFUM HYDDROLYZED RICE PROTEIN, LACTIC ACID, FARNESOL, GERANIOL, LIMONENE, LINALOOL. *Ingredients from organic farming.

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